Based on Ultima SDK its an Tool to view and alter almost every 2d Client file.
Coded in C# with .net 4.0
Sourcecode is released under the Beerware license.


Version 4.8

  • AsYlum added multiple selection in items tab using <ctrl> left-click used to with the test plug-in for exporting multiple items to an itemdesc.cfg file.
  • AsYlum added graphic size & offset information to Item details box.
  • AsYlum added export all item's graphic offsets to offset.cfg. This is useful for properly positioning art tiles displayed in a gump using the TilePic gump command.

Version 4.7 (aka. Alathair Fiddler Merge)

  • Fixed Art saving hash algorithm for duplicate finding was applied to odd data.
  • Improved search usability: multiple enter results in search next
  • Added Shortcut CTRL+F to open search dialog
  • Added Cliloc import for current TileData
  • Complete Rework of Sounds Tab for more usability
  • Fixed sound indexes to correct game indexes
  • Fixed translation indexes also support 4 digits
  • Fixed sound name sorting with multiple whitespaces
  • Fixed exporting sounds ensures extension
  • Added showing translated sounds (marked blue and underlined)
  • Added sound file cleaning from unsupported wave headers and format checks
  • Added sound playback progress and stop-button
  • Added capability for renaming sounds
  • Fixed a possible crash condition when loading profiles
  • Fixed light index files were saved invalid and caused client crashes for empty indexes
  • Fixed light resolution was saved in wrong order so non-quadratic lights are supported now.
  • Fixed light transparency saving should now work correctly.
  • Added tif files in file selectors
  • Fixed tile selection in tile data when tile data was not already open
  • Fixed performance issue with showing free slots in Items Tab
  • Added TileData Save directly on Change state now is saved in settings
  • Fixed TileData save directly on change performance issue when changing name
  • Added jump to gump option at items tab
  • Added Search to gump tab
  • Added Quick switch between Male/Female Gumps in Gump Tab
  • Added some keyboard tweaks

Version 4.6

  • Switched to .NET 4
  • Added option Outputpath
  • Fiddler now uses %APPDATA%\uofiddler for the xml files
  • Fixed ColorPalette Import for animations
  • Changed textbox to numericUpDown for color in RadarColor tab
  • Added Ilshenar to MapCopy
  • Fixed display of AnimData tab

Version 4.5g

  • fixed some bugs
  • About.. Added checkbox to store the MainForm window state on close (Maximised,Location,Size)

Version 4.5f

  • Added ability to define a tooltip for multis inside multilist.xml
  • Multis get now stored in a more intelligent way it tries to find a non-invis centeritem
  • Added support for facet0*.mul in MultiMap tab
  • UO:HSA support
  • and more stuff i already forgot

Version 4.5e

  • Map Replace: now capable of copying between different map ids

Version 4.5d

  • MultiEditor: Fixed bug with inserting center tile while saving

Version 4.5c

  • Fixed bug with static saving

Version 4.5b

  • Fixed bug with art saving
  • Filled SkillGroup tab with sense:
    • added Add/Rename/Remove to contextmenu
    • activated Drag & Drop

Version 4.5

  • added UOArchitect binary file for import
  • speedups
  • MultiEditor: like maptab scrolling with right mouse
  • Animation Editor:
    • replaced with Soulblighter version big thx for his work, I only did a few speedups
    • tutorial is available @ Sphereserver Forum

Version 4.4

  • Crashfix in Animtab ... again
  • Hues: added contextmenu Import,Export (simple txtfile)
  • Map: added support for 7.x clients thx to Andreew
  • MassImportPlugin: added support for hues
  • TileData:
    • fixed direct save
    • renamed Unk1 to MiscData (old UO Demo weapontemplate def)
    • "save directly on changes" no more needs enter key
  • ComparePlugin Map: preload diffs for speedup
  • ComparePlugin added Texture (thx to nibbio)
  • AnimationEdit:
    • can now add multiple frame images (thx to nibbio)
    • added "Misc->Generate Palette" generates a new palette txtfile for given images
    • added "Misc->Export All To VD" exports every valid animation of selected file
  • various Crashfixes

Version 4.3

  • RenderEngine of Multis fixed
  • MultiEditor:
    • Added Misc->"Show double surface" highlights every tile with flag Surface on the same spot (to get rid of senseless items)
    • Added Mouse right/middle click hit a spot where more then one item is placed it shows at the top a list (can be removed with the "rubber")
  • Texture bugfixes

Version 4.2d

  • TileData: Added Misc->Set Filter
  • Fix of UO:SA animdata save
  • Minor fixes
  • ComparePlugin UO:SA compatible
  • TileData flag NoDiagonal (unused) is HoverOver in UO:SA renamed it
  • Added skillgrp.mul tab currently without edit feature
  • MultiEditor Plugin:
    • Added new button "Switch Transparent" makes a tile transparent
    • Added Misc->"Reset transparent tiles"
    • Added Misc->"Show Walkable tiles" highlights all walkable tiles (checks if a player with height 16 can stand there)

Version 4.2c

  • Fix for anim saving
  • Fix animationlist sorting
  • Fix ReloadFile for animationedit

Version 4.2b

  • Cliloc: Added Import from csv
  • AnimEdit:
    • Export/Import to mulpatcher .vd format
    • Misc->Show Only Valid added
  • 4.2 introduced bug with art saving fixed
  • Gumps: Added ShowFreeSlots
  • Minor Fixes

Version 4.2

  • UO:SA support
  • Added Animation edit (Animations->Settings->Animation Edit):
    • Mul Save
    • Action remove
    • Frame replace/insert/remove/export CenterX/Y change
    • Palette export/import
    • Note:
      • unlike mulpatcher saving makes a complete rewrite, slower but no leftovers (smaller .mul size)
      • mulpatcher import/export compatibility on todo list
  • Map:
    • Added Replace Tiles (xmlbased)
    • Changed MapReplace you can now define target X/Y
  • Speech: csv import/export
  • Minor fixes

Version 4.1c

  • MultiEditor:
    • Heightbar fix
    • Added Import from UOArchitect design file
    • Added Checkbox to mark Component invisible
  • art.mul index length changed to 0x10000
  • Map: Added Clear Statics
  • Dress: Added textbox to test mount anim

Version 4.1b

  • MultiEditor save Bugfix
  • Cleanups

Version 4.1

  • Bugfixes, Cleanup, Speedups
  • ComparePlugin:
    • compare Gump added
    • crash fixes
  • MultiEditor:
    • Import from multicache.dat added
    • Tile picker selects Tile also in Tileselect tab
    • added contextmenuentry inside Itemstab to select tile
    • optimization/cleanup
  • Light tab:
    • Added ContextMenu for switching to IG Preview
    • with the ContextMenu you can also change Background Landtile + "Light"-Art
  • Added MassImportPlugin:
    • xml based MassImport
  • TileData tab:
    • Added Import from CSV file

Version 4.0a

  • MultiEditor changes:
    • some fixes
    • added Tile picker
    • added Undo list (last 10)

Version 4.0

  • Added MultiEditor plugin!!!
  • Multilist.xml added for naming conventions on Multis tab
  • Added Melt/Freeze Statics
  • Redesigned Tiledata tab option to change directly (Textfields on Enter press)
  • True Black and true White are now considered as transparent for bmp's
  • Added Jpg for all Export All in tabs.
  • Added more Jpg export for single export of images.
  • Renamed Map and Diff copy menu names for better explanation in menu.
  • Fixed crashes in Compare Plugin for Land and Item compare.
  • Changed Max length for Name field in TileData Editing to 20 length as Client will cut it off at this point anyway.
  • Fixed Odd Crashes on some Windows XP installs with Export in Texture Tabs
  • Fixed Crash if idx lookup entry > mul length

Version 3.9

  • Fixed Sound Export (not played in WMP) + mul save
  • Fixed Odd Gumps Export As crash
  • Added Export All Images for Multis, Gumps, Items, LandTiles, and Texture tab.
  • Added Export All Parts for Txt, UOA, and WSC formats to Multis tab
  • Fixed Odd Multis Crash
  • Fixed Crash on different tabs minimize
  • Tool Menus added to LandTiles and Texture Tabs.
  • Moved Cliloc Export context menu item to Button in toolbar for Cliloc Control.
  • some crashes/problems fixed.
  • PluginInterface changed a bit.
  • Map tab added Insert Diff Data.. to write from definied region map/static diff file data into mapfiles.
  • Added View Menu to hide docked tabs.
  • View toggle states are now saved to file.
  • Optimized Dock/UnDock code.
  • Help button changed to load Docs from website.

Version 3.8

  • Redesigned Items Tab a bit
  • Added Export All Images to Items tab
  • Fixed a problem with map1 recognition
  • Animation tab added new Contextmenu "Export Frame.." to frames tab
  • Map tab: added Replace form to Misc menu to replace statics/map of given map/rectangle to current map
  • ComparePlugin now also compares 2 Map files (static/map) if Zoom>=2 Tooltip of difference on current coords is given

Version 3.7b

  • Contextmenus enhanced to select in Item/LandTile/Tiledata/Radarcolor tab
  • ComparePlugin now also compares 2 Hue files (with Apply Color)
  • Map tab
    • Option to rewrite static and removing duplicate statics
    • Option to rewrite map file
    • Option to create an report of possible invisible statics (below map)
    • Note: both static and map rewrite can be used to change map width (uses Settings->Use New Map Width flag)
  • Fixed some problems inside Dress tab

Version 3.7

  • Map tab:
    • Redesigned a bit (moved Contextmenu options to (collapsible)menu bar)
    • Added Marker feature you can now Add Markers to map (written in extra xml file)
    • Marker list is accessible through right sided collapsible bar
    • Through contextmenu inside the Marker list you can remove/goto/switch visibility marker
    • Option to rewrite static file (defrags it and removes illegal graphics)
  • Dress tab:
    • Added new contextmenu entry to directly define hue color

Version 3.6c

  • added Contextmenuentry "Export to csv" in Cliloctab
  • ComparePlugin can now compare 2 clilocs (new Tab)

Version 3.6b

  • crash fix for "Find new Animations" and vista
  • Dress tab new button Export Report
    generates a html table overview (work in progress)

Version 3.6

  • all textsearches are now Regexp (with preset ignorecase)
  • UnDress All added to Dress Tab contextmenu
  • Added RadarColor tab(with editing)
  • Added new Option MapUseDiff to control if diff files should be used

Version 3.5c

  • Warning dialog if there are unsafed changes
  • Multi tab now shows Sphere MultiRegion and used Surface
  • Items/Landtiles contextmenu added "Select in Tiledata"

Version 3.5b

  • rewrote Multi Import
    • shows extra form with (current) txt,uoa,wsc format
    • checkbox to insert (client needed) center item

Version 3.5

  • Fixed Crash in Speech tab
  • Added Copy CliLoc Number/Text to CliLocTab contextmenu
  • Added editor features in multi tab
    • Show Free Slots
    • Import from txt file
    • Import from wsc file
    • Import from wsc file and create an invisible center item
    • Export to txt file
    • Export to wsc file
    • Remove
    • Save
  • (more file formates tobedone)

Version 3.4

  • Updated AutoUpdater/Check for Updates
  • Fixed Sound playing crash
  • Added Extract Soundlist to csv
  • Added Import/Export to bmp
  • Added Extract Image to Tab Items Contextmenu
  • Tiledata Tab:
    Checkbox to disable Warning Msg
    Color Highlight for (in Memory) changed Entries

Version 3.3

  • Fixed art.mul Staticart header (to fix issue with InsideUO)
  • Added ComparePlugin to compare 2 art.mul's
  • Added senseless Helpbutton

Version 3.2b

  • Added SendItem Plugin (with option to override DoubleClick behavior)
  • Added PluginInterface OnDesignChange()
  • Added PluginHost function GetItemShowAltPictureBox()
  • Added Msgbox for Tiledata Save Changes

Version 3.2

  • Fixes in Map tab
  • Dress tab added contextmenu entry to hue layer
  • Dress tab added contextmenu entry to extract gif animation
    (used GD-Sharp libary http://gd-sharp.sourceforge.net/)

Version 3.1e

  • Fixed AnimData tab (hopefully ;) )

Version 3.1d

  • Colorhighlight for verdata entries wasnt working correctly with CacheFile
  • Added RootPath, you can now define relative and absolute filepathes. If you reset rootpath absolut filepathes are ignored
  • AnimData/Fonts bug fixed (hope so)

Version 3.1c

  • Bugfixes in FindNextFreeSlot

Version 3.1b

  • Added AnimData Tab with editing features
    (Color Red = Animdefinition for a non valid art
    Color Blue = Animdefinition but no Anim flag)

Version 3.1

  • Editor for skills (contextmenu save)
  • Editor for sound
  • Colorhighlight for verdata entries in
  • Plugin Interface
    see Testplugin for current implemented interfaces if you want more tell me :)

Version 3.0b

  • Bugfixes in ItemDetail form

Version 3.0

  • Select on Click in Texture/Landtile
  • Tiledata Decimalnumbers..
  • Hue tab:
    Double click opens HueEdit
    Change color via SystemDialog or direct
    Range features (select second index via right mouse):
    linear Gradient, exp Gradient, Inverse, add rgb value
    preview picturebox for art,gumps,animation
    Added contextmenu Save, Replace with..

Version 2.9b

  • Added Tabpages contextmenu to Undock Tabpage
  • Landtiles Decimalnumbers...

Version 2.9

  • map tab: Added checkboxes to show Crosses (Currcenter, ClientPos)
    Added contextmenu entry Goto..
    Added "Send Client to current Pos", "Send Client to current Center"
    Added option to define Mapnames
    Added option to define Clientcommand
    (cmd name and args)
    {1} = x, {2} = y, {3} = z, {4} = mapid, {5} = mapname

Version 2.8b

  • rewrote Huetab to speed it up

Version 2.8

  • Added new Settings Menu to control xml Options
  • Added editor features to lights tab
    (contextmenu export,replace,insert,remove & save)

Version 2.7b

  • fixed Hue only gray in Animations
  • Added ShowFreeSlots in Itemstab

Version 2.7

  • renamed UoFiddler.xml to Animationlist.xml
  • Animationlist:
    Entries can now be renamed
    Entries can now be removed (contextmenu)
    Added new Settings:
    "Rewrite xml"
    "Try to find new Graphics":
    reads mobtypes.txt, body.def,bodyconv.def and displays every non added entries
    define Animationtype, Name and "Add" to Animationlist
    (for example shipped Animationlist does not have client 6.X added Crimsondragons and Lords [197,198,689,704])

Version 2.6

  • Added Extern Tools Dropdown

Version 2.5 aka "new horizon"

  • Renamed to UOFiddler
  • Added more Editing Features:
    Art, Landtiles, Textures, Gump (through contextmenu (replace,insert,remove & save))
    Note: saving will complete rewrite the mul files so it is a bit slow in comparison with other tools, but you get clean defragged mul files. Verdata entries are also saved to mul.
  • Speedup in multimap, fonts

Version 2.4

  • Font tab
    Unicode loads complete list
    added Contextmenu:
    "Write Text" : Preview Image of given text
    "Extract Character" : exports Character to tiff
    "Import Character" : imports Character from tiff
    "Save" : Saves mul file
    "Set Offsets" : (Unicode only) modify x/y offset of Character
  • Cliloc tab
    added 2 custom cliloc entries (options.xml or via selection in Combobox)

Version 2.3

  • Added new Option "UpdateCheck" (Should an Updatecheck be performed on startup)
  • Added About form Changelog
    Checkbox for option UpdateCheck
    Manuall UpdateCheck Button (with direct download option)
  • Added option to extract images in dress tab

Version 2.2

  • last but not least added speech.mul tab (with editing features)
  • no crash if selecting a tab using a non definied filepath

Version 2.1

  • Sound tab:
    Play on double click
    Rewrote sound length
    added Extract Sound
  • ItemDetail now with additional integer objtype
  • Code cleanup and optimation

Version 2.0f

  • fixed Crash when no registryentry was found

Version 2.0e

  • Unicode support in skills.mul and tiledata.mul

Version 2.0d

  • Searches searches searches... (LandTile,Texture,Sound,Tiledata)

Version 2.0c

  • switched from visual studio 2005 to 2008
  • new Settings Menuoption Reload Files so no restart is needed if you change pathsettings
  • Preload in gumps,items,map is now a backworker thread

Version 2.0b

  • fixed crash in Cliloc tab when saving
  • dress tab: it seems that the gump.def is only used if the gumpentry is invalid (still not 100% sure if the other def files have comparable "features")

Version 2.0

  • new options.xml setting "UseHashFile" True/False
    if set (current) the Items tabs generates a hashfile with valid art indices to speed up loading. md5 checksum on art.mul is used to check if new hashfile should be generated.
  • if CacheData is activ new button Preload in item,gump,map tab to speed up viewing
  • changed method in gumps tab to check if valid index (height and width >0)
  • dress tab body.def reader now can read tabs
  • new tab TileData:
    export to cvs file
    alter and save Entries
  • cliloc tab
    editor features
    Columnheader sorting

Version 1.9c

  • Map tab:
    extract Map now generates based on "Show Statics" setting
    support of new Trammel if map1.mul is existent Trammel uses map1,statics1,staidx1

Version 1.9b

  • Added skills tab
  • minor code cleanup

Version 1.9

  • Added multimap.rle tab
    Option to export and generate
  • Added new options.xml entry "AlternativeDesign" true/false controls how Items/Landtiles/Texture tab is displayed
  • Items tab now additionally displays decimal value

Version 1.8b

  • Added new options.xml entry "NewMapSize" true/false (Trammel/Felucca width 7168?)

Version 1.8

  • Map tab:
    Added Zoom context menu option
    Added Show Statics context menu option
    Added navigation via mouse movement plus left mousebutton

Version 1.7c aka "ode to OldnGrey"

  • Added 64bit Vista Registry keys
  • Added new path setting to set the client path manual

Version 1.7b

  • Added SE Registry recognition
    Supported Entries are now: (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)
    SOFTWARE\Origin Worlds Online\Ultima Online\1.0 key="ExePath"
    SOFTWARE\Origin Worlds Online\Ultima Online Third Dawn\1.0 key="ExePath"
    SOFTWARE\EA GAMES\Ultima Online Samurai Empire key="Install Dir"
    (tests if client.exe is existent)

Version 1.7

  • Settings menu was lost
  • Renamed Mobtab to Animations (added Equipment)

Version 1.6

  • serious programs need a startpic :)
  • Dress tab new color Darkred=invalid Layer (+additional Text ValidLayer true/false)

Version 1.5 aka Yukiko keeping me busy

  • added "detail frame" in itemtab

Version 1.4

  • Pimp my Itemdetails:
    New contextmenu item animate, if item has animation data (animdata.mul)

Version 1.3d aka "Wali-Build"

  • fixed another crash in Dress tab

Version 1.3c

  • fixed a crash in Dress tab
  • Fonts tab: added statusbar with ASCIIcode of selected char, increased darkness of real char

Version 1.3b

  • added Always On Top setting

Version 1.3

  • added comments in the xml files
  • added unifont*.mul support to the Fonts tab
  • Mobs tooltip with mulfile
  • sorted options.xml pathsettings

Version 1.2

  • new options.xml Setting: CacheData true/false if set to false prevents the ultima.sdk to cache the infos. Thus the ramusage shouldn't grow so much
  • ever wanted to know which equipment has correct paperdollgraphic and ig-graphic?
  • New tab "Dress" added
    • List of all items which have the wearable flag
    • - red entry: no animation and no gump was found
    • - orange entry: no animation, but gumpgraphic
    • - blue entry: animation found, but no gump
    • to get the animation and gump infos it reads not only the tiledata, but also the body.def and equipconv.def
    • Infotext of selected item:
    • Objecttype, layer, effective gumpid (and gumpid in tiledata), hue, effective animation (and animation in tiledata)
    • Checkboxes to switch between male/female human/elf and Objtype/Layer sorting
    • Checkboxlist to control which item should be displayed
    • Sliders to control facing and action
    • Usage:
    • - select item in itemlist and click the dressbutton
    • - to undress rightclick in layerlist the layerentry and choose Undress
    • - to switch between Paperdoll and IG graphic rightclick the picturebox and choose "Show Animation/Paperdoll"
    • - in the IG graphic mode
    • rightclick has also an animate option and two sliders to change facing and action

Version 1.1b

  • Changed Pathsettings to save also filename instead of only path
  • Ability to sort MobGraphic alphabetically

Version 1.1

  • Versioninfo :)
  • Itemdetail Tiledatainfos reworked

Version 1.0

  • Added two options to options.xml:
    ItemSize : spezifies the width and height of the items in the itemlist
    ItemClip : True - like InsideUO original size clipped
    False - shrink image to fit (should now proportionally shrink)

Initial Version

  • Misc
    extract Images, Pathsettings
  • Multis
    Component List, MaxHeight slidebar
  • Mobs
    xml based entries, true graphic number, reads body.def and bodyconv.def, thumbnail list, animate, dye mob, frame pictures, direction slidebar
  • Items
    detail view with tiledata settings, search for graphic or name
  • Landtiles
  • Textures
  • Gumps
  • Sounds
    Name or nr sorting, play button, length display
  • Hue
  • ASCIIFont
  • CliLoc
    current english and german, goto entry, search for text
  • Map
    can sync pos with active client
  • Light